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Heinz 57: A Sauce for the Ages

Starting the company from the ground up, Henry John Heinz formed the H.J. Heinz Company in 1876. Though he was trained as a brick layer he decided to go into the food industry. Being very aware of the power of … Continue reading

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WD-40’s beginning

Beginning in 1953 a small company in San Diego attempted to come up with a chemical mixture that would effectively protect metal parts from rust. This small company made up of only 3 men was called Rocket Chemical Company and … Continue reading

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Starting “from scratch”

If you were going to make something in the kitchen with just the basic components one would say you were starting from scratch.  This phrase (in America) can be traced back to the 1850’s when someone would draw or “scratch” … Continue reading

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Adidas: A shoe company is born

He began by making sports shoes in his mother’s laundry room in Southern Germany.  His name was Adolf  Dassler (his first name shortened to “Adi”) and he was later joined by his brother Rudolf (or Rudi”).  The two made shoes … Continue reading

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It’s Sabotage!

In the 1400’s Netherlands textile mills were undergoing some changes.  Factories were starting to mechanize certain elements of textile looms.  Workers in these factories feared that the factories were going to become so dependent on machines that the security of … Continue reading

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Don’t be an April Fool

Recognized throughout most of the countries of the world, the origin April Fool’s Day can be traced back to the 1500’s.  The Julian Calender was instituted in 45 BC and it wasn’t until 1582 that a few changes were made … Continue reading

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Laser’s high-tech origins

The precursor to the laser actually involved manipulating microwave frequencies. This work occurred in the early 50’s and it wasn’t until the late 50’s (1957) that researchers at Bell Laboratories were able to amplify visible light into a focused beam … Continue reading

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