Coca-Cola: The original energy drink

Coca-Cola Logo

Originally, the formula for Coca-Cola was derived by John Pemberton in the late 1800’s and was primarily sold and marketed by Asa Candler.  The drink was initially invented as a cure-all type medicine but perhaps due to prohibition became a popular soda fountain drink.  It was first sold in Georgia in 1886 and quickly rose in popularity.  Interestingly, the initial ingredients of Coca-Cola made it perhaps the world’s first energy drink.  The “Coca” part of the name came from coca leaf extract- known more widely as cocaine while the second part of the name “Cola” came from the kola nut which is used to add caffeine.  Later, the cocaine would be removed from Coca-Cola but the original formula for coke was quite an energy drink for even the weariest people of the day!

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